DeepText News

Jonathan Worthington Receives a Grant from DeepText for Perl 6 Development

DeepText proposes a minigrant of 1000 € to Jonathan Worthington for working 40 hours on Rakudo development during July and August of 2008. The purpose of the grant is to support implementing as many of multiple dispatch abilities in Perl 6 design as possible to code having these working hours.

29 May, 2008

YAPC::Russia “May Perl” 2008, before and after

“May Perl” is the first Perl conference covering Russia and several neighbouring counties. It was also the first event we made that was hosted in an auditorium in the shape of amphitheatre.

22 May, 2008

The Story of “Perl Today” 2007

Before “Perl Today” there were no Perl events neither in Russia nor in nearest counties. We made an event together with a couple other companies interested in Perl and developers in a very short time: in less than two months before the idea and its implementations.

29 October, 2007